Frequently Asked Questions.
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Bahia Beach

What capacity does Bahia Beach have?

We can host up to 1000 people.

Can we have the place just for us?

Yes, it has an additional cost and it starts from 120 guests.

What time can our wedding take place?

From 10:00 in the morning until 00:00 at night.

Save the date

How much time in advance do I have to reserve my date?

As soon as you are sure that you want to have us, if there is no formal reservation we can not guarantee the availability of the same.

How much can a wedding cost in Bahia Beach?

The cost will depend on the choice of areas, the number of guests and the duration of the wedding.

Are wedding planner services included?

Yes, they are a courtesy of Bahia Beach for clients who want to marry with us.

The menu

How can we get the menu and price information?

If you contact us, we can send you our dossier by email with our rate offer.

Can we make variations in the menu?

Yes, you can combine them in the best way, or if you want a personalised menu our chef will be happy to design it for you.


We have entertainment for children?

Yes, it is a service that we offer externally.

Do we need some special permission to get married on the beach?

No, given that you marry in our premises, it is not necessary to ask for any permission to the coasts or town hall.

Can our pet participate in the wedding?

Yes, as long as the environment is respected and does not impede the safe operation of the premises.

Can you make use of fireworks or similar?

Unfortunately, public authorities do not allow us to use them.

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